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"I've finally written a soundtrack for the movies in my mind..."

"Some of my favorite music that I have written has never been heard."

Michael W. Smith says this, enthused that with the release of "Freedom," his 14th recording, things have changed. His favorite music is at last gaining a hearing.

But what have we already heard from this artist? A couple dozen number one songs, eight gold records, one platinum-music that has earned him Grammy Awards, Dove Awards and scores of high-profile television appearances. "This Is Your Time," "Great Is The Lord," "I'll Lead You Home," "Friends," "Place In This World"- for those who listen to radio, Christian or mainstream, the music of Michael W. Smith is part of our lives.

It's finally here!


A multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist for the soulful black gospel group Commissioned during the 1980s and '90s, Fred Hammond also became one of the most popular praise & worship leaders in the field. Born in Detroit, Hammond began singing with his church choir at the age of twelve.

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About Aubrey Organics!

Thirty years ago, while living in New York City, Aubrey began experimenting with two natural formulations, an all-herbal bath oil and a protein-based hair conditioner. Using skills he learned from his mother, an herbalist who made natural products for her family with her own home-grown herbs, Aubrey fine-tuned his new formulas and began trying them out in Manhattan hair salons and health food stores to excellent reviews.

In 1969 he founded Aubrey Natural Labs, the company that later became Aubrey Organics??is premise was a simple one ?? create completely natural hair and skin care products free of synthetics and petrochemicals, products good for both the body and the earth. Today Aubrey Organics?? sold by thousands of natural product retailers throughout the U.S. and the world, and Aubrey's pioneering company remains one of the most respected and reliable manufacturers of natural bodycare products in the industry. Aubrey has written two books on natural cosmetics, Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care (Organica Press), now in its fifth reprint, and What's in Your Cosmetics (Odonian Press), and is the founder and publisher of Organica Quarterly, an arts and environmental magazine distributed through independent bookstores and health food stores nationwide.

A Natural Tradition For Almost 30 Years

All Aubrey Organics??oducts are completely natural, made with herbals, essential oils and natural vitamins. No synthetic chemicals of any kind are ever found in any of our formulas. We use liquid coconut oil in our soaps and shampoos and coconut fatty acids and essential fatty acids in our creams and lotions, and a natural preservative of citrus seed and vitamins A, C and E. All of our formulas are still formulated by Aubrey Hampton, and hand-crafted in small batches in our Tampa, FL, manufacturing plant. To date, we offer more than 140 hair, skin and bodycare products that carry the Aubrey Organics??arantee ??0% natural and never tested on animals. Click on the banners below to see their wonderful product line for people like us!

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics


voted the world's best vitamins

In the field of science and nutritional medicine, USANA leads the way.


USANA is initiating a Clinical Trials Program to evaluate the effect of USANA Nutritionals on a variety of human disorders. These double blind placebo-controlled studies will be conducted in collaboration with independent research centers across the country and around the world. USANA is also collaborating with other prominent institutions to advance the world's knowledge concerning the effect of nutrition on degenerative disease. USANA will continue its research and strive to offer outstanding products to meet the health and nutritional needs of everyone--infants, children, adolescents, adults, and seniors.

Proud Sponsor and Official Supplier of Nutritional Supplements to the US Speedskating Team and Speed Skating Canada.

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New Tower of Treats??lt;br>Our best-loved collection for 50 years and counting
They?open one irresistible treat after another, each in our striking new snowbird gift wrap, tied with satiny red ribbon, and topped with the bright, beautiful nesting cardinal shown. Here?here it gets delicious: Inside, they?discover our luscious Royal Riviera??ars, America?arest and finest fruit; a matched pair of premium Crisp Mountain Apples; our premium Nut Collection; exclusive Chocolate Truffles, in six elegant flavors; and now with our smooth, elegant Bing Cherry Chocolates. We guarantee the raves.

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